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Benefits of a Cold Plunge Pool After Injury

What is a Corner Tub & Why You'll Want One

How to Prepare your Yard for an Outdoor Tub

The Best Natural Materials for Indoor Spas and Hot Tubs

Are Portable Spas Worth it?

Save Money & Energy with an Energy Efficient Hot Tub

3 Tubs for Small Bathrooms

How to Decide on the Best Bathroom Shower Pan for Your Space

6 Outside Water Features to Consider Before Summer Starts

3 Ways to Create a Backyard Spa You'll Fall In Love With

Diamond Spas Announces New Line Of Stocked Spas

Three Custom Hot Tub Features You’re Sure to Love

Cold Spa Therapy: Does it really work?

Four Swimming Pool Water Features You Need for Summer

Four Hydrotherapy Spa Benefits

How to Incorporate Modern Water Features in Your Home

How to Choose an Outdoor Bathtub for Your Home

Three Outdoor Bathtub Ideas for Your Home

5 Places to Install Your Bath Tub Faucets

How to Decide on a Spa Bathroom Design That is Best for Your Home

How to Choose an In-Home Spa You Will Love

5 Beautiful Bathtubs for your Zen Bathroom Design

8 Ways to Create Your Own Spa Weekend at Home

The Benefits of Copper in Your Bathroom

Tubs that will enhance your Contemporary Bathroom Design

Our Custom Swim Spa in Action

How to Incorporate a Tub into Your Japanese Bathroom Design

Copper Tub Benefits

How to decide which custom water feature is right for your space

Elliptical Baths or Clawfoot Tubs

Why Choose a Japanese Tub for your Bathroom Remodel?

How to Choose the Right Spa for Your Home

Cold Plunge Pool Benefits

A Hot Bath Might Be As Good For Your Health As Exercise

How to properly clean your copper tub and or sink

Best Accessories to go with your Copper Sink

Spa Soup: Why We Dump Spa Water

Stainless Steel or Copper – Which metal is better for your new bathtub?

Custom Stainless Steel and Copper Soaking Tubs

Custom Swimming Pools by Diamond Spas

The Many Benefits of Swimming

Benefits of Owning a Pool in the Winter

Roof Top Pools – More Attainable Than You Think

Made In The USA

Is 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Created Equal?

The Benefits of Buying Custom

Athletes Reduce Recovery Time In Cold Plunge Pools 

The Benefits of Stainless Steel

The Benefits of Copper

Water features: The Benefits of Water without Having a Pool.

Hoisting with Rigging Points

Shipping Product to your Door or Port

Bath Tub Templates Helpful for Space Planning

Managing Lead Times

Water Exercise Aids Those with Dementia

9 Ways to Make Your Master Bathroom Feel Like The Ritz

What's Trending in Swimming Pool Designs

Cool Down Affects

Diamond Spas Introduces Micro Bubble Technology

Top 20 Things to Consider When Ordering Your Custom Spa

Diamond Spas Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Downtown Denver Hotel Gets First Rooftop Pool

UV Sterilization is Better Alternative to Chlorine

Finishing Touches

5 Water Workouts to Do Now Before the Summer Hits

Copper. The Healthier Material.

Tiling Your Pool and Spa

Find the Many Benefits of Epsom Salt Baths

9 Benefits of Using Stainless Steel Products

Experience Diamond Spas

Warm Water Therapy Aids in Pain Management

Our 2016 Brochure is Here

4 Reasons to Take a Cold Dip

Details Make the Design

Knife Edge Pools Are Cutting Edge

8 Reasons Why Purchasing a Stainless Steel Swimming Pool is the Better Choice

Taking A Dip Indoors

Are Inline Heaters Worth It?

Being Uncommon

Cold Water Tub Helps with Mood Boosting

With Copper in High Demand, Recycling Delivers High Returns

Preventive Maintenance

Welding Sees A Surge in Job Growth

What You Talking About Willis?

Why Custom Hot Tubs are the Smart Choice

Get Your Stainless Steel Shine On

The Healing Powers of Aquatic Therapy

The Importance of Sanitizing Your Whirlpool Soaking Tub and Custom Spa

Talk the Talk. A Guide to Diamond Spas Custom Bathtub Terminology

Six Benefits of Hydrogen Peroxide To Try Today

Diamonds Spas Christmas in July

Skirting. The Hot Tub Issues

Why Size Matters

We've Got You Covered

Replacing That Old Kitchen Sink with a New Custom Sink

Overflowing with Style

6 Exercises To Do Now That Will Have You Swimsuit Ready

7 Cocktail Sippers to Drink This Summer

When Standard Sizes Don't Cut It

Shower Power

Hot or Not? Diamond Spas Hybrid Pool Provides Both.

The Smartest Business Decision..Hiring Qualified People

We're Ready! Are You?

How We Work Step by Step

Key Features To Buying a Custom Sink

Air Jets vs Water Jets. Which One's Right for Your Next Soaking Tub

The New Way of Bathing. Micro Bubble Therapy.

Choose the Right Tub and Size that Meets Your Needs.

Stainless Steel vs Copper. Which Metal is Right for You Next Project?

NYC: Inside Dream Downtown hotel's $5,000-a-night penthouse suite

Diamond Spas Receives Best Of Houzz 2015 Award

Remodeling? Check out the 2015 Cost vs Value Reports

4 Ingredients that Make the Best Hand Lotion

Copper Shower Pan Generates The Buzz



Blending Your Hot Tub into its Surroundings

Hydrotherapy Tubs Proving to Help Arthritis

Bargain-hunting can lower renovation costs

The Healing Properties of Hot Water

Glass Sided Swimming Pools

Delivering Luxury to Your Front Door

The Cool Factor of Glass Sided Pools

Pool and Spa Plumbing Equipment-Remote vs Onsite Access

Swimming Laps to the Pulse of Light

Adding the Splash to Your Jacuzzi

Should You Patina Your Copper Products?

Japanese Soaking Tub Graces in Luxe

Automatic Hot Tub Covers vs Foam Covers

Rooftop Hot Tubs Are Trending

Can Stainless Steel Crack?

5 Reasons for Purchasing Your Own Home Swim Spa

7 Ways to Modernize Your Bathroom Space

Built-In vs. Freestanding Bathtubs

Diamond Spas Needs You

Insane in the Membrane

Rooftop Swimming Pools Are Coming Out on Top

A Passion for Pools?

It's All About the Edge

Top Trends in Bathroom Renovations

4 Water Workouts That Will Get You Bikini Ready this Summer

9 Reasons Why Stainless Steel Pools are Better

Adding Light to your Luxury Spa Experience

Killing Crypto with UV instead of Chlorine

Bathing in your Outdoor Living Space

10 US Hotels with the Best Luxury Bathtubs

Above Ground vs Inground Hot Tubs

High Rise Hot Tubs

6 Products to Obtain a Sustainable Bathroom Design

The Pampered Dogs Bath Life

Choosing the Right Plantings for your Swimming Pool

Sunken Tubs-A Danger Waiting to Happen?

May is National Water Safety Month

Selling Exercise

Being Green in 2014

8 Distinctive Japanese Bath Designs

Luxury Bathtubs Are Much Desired When Purchasing Home

Wellness Room Coming to a Home Near You

Another Reason Why Peeing in the Pool is..well..Bad.

5 Reasons to Buy a Stainless Steel Spa

7 Styles of the Bathroom Sink

Friday Funnies: Indoor Pools

Vintage Swimsuits Making Their Way Onto the Walls

How Does It Work-See it All Here!

Diamond Spas Adds Microsilk Hydrotherapy to Product Offerings

2014 National Kitchen & Bath Design Trends

Man vs Woman-Biggest Peeves in the Bathroom

Out Damn Spot! How to Remove Spots From Metal Sinks & Tubs

Kelly Ripa's Penthouse Includes Stainless Steel Hot Tub

Contoured Tub Helps with Slipping

Ultra Bath May be Cure for Sleeping

Going for Gold, Silver and Bronze..In the Bathroom

Her Yin to Your Yang

ROI on Bathroom Remodels and Additions Climb in 2014

FreeStanding Tubs and Apron Sinks Are Top Trends for 2014

7 Amazing Bathroom Cleaning Tips You've Never Heard Of

Freestanding Baths, Shower Seats and White Cabinets Tops Bathroom Poll

Soaking Tub + Epsom Salts..Old Wives Tale?

Japanese Design Inspires Bath and Pool House

Four Tips to Keep Those Resolutions in 2014

New Study on Autism Finds Hot Baths Help With Symptoms

What Christmas is All About

7 Luxury Swimming Pools with Swim Up Bars

Established in 1996


Copper Trends in the Design World

Diamond Spas Showroom Sale

Luxury Lap Pool Takes Front Page

Building a Custom Hot Tub that is Noteworthy

Taking your Custom Shower Lying Down

Custom Spa Goes Under Wraps

Hydrotherapy Spas Proves Essential in Football Locker Rooms

Metal Spas Stand Up to any Climate, Rain or Shine

Spa Showers Replacing Old Outdated Tubs

Japanese and Copper Tub Highlighted in Houzz Editorial

Skipping Stones Find Their Way into Bathroom Design

Best Bathroom Designs

Video Footage of Oktoberfest and the Longest Brat

And the Longest Brat Goes to...

Don't Skip the Statement Pieces

The Tao of the Japanese Bath

Copper Bath Takes Center Stage

Soaking Tub Proves Best Medicine for Sleep Deprivation

Swimming Pool Islands Adds Functional Whimsy

Winding Down Summer with a Swimming Pool Movie Theater

Copper Shower Pan Goes Au Naturale'

Mayor Bloomberg Places Order for Bespoke Copper Tub

5 Refreshing Water Features To Add To Your Landscape

Customizing A Swimming Pool to Call Your Very Own

Research Finds Swimming Can Lower Mortality Rate

Opulent Stone is Making a Presence in Artisan Bath Designs

Redefining the Master Bathroom

6 Inspiring Lap Pool Designs

Wood Abounds In Artisan Bath Design

Online Tools Help with Bathroom Renovation

Copper Products Prevent Spread of Germs in Hospitals

Gym Accessories..The Cold Plunge

Private Rooftop Swimming Pools are a Go in NYC

Diamond Spas Receives Coveted Award

Iconic Swimming Pool Star Passes

NYC Design Week Shines in Copper

Go For Bold In the Powder Room

Home Grown Craftsmanship

Soaking Tubs Prove to Be Lifesavers in Tornado

Luxury Hot Tub at Sea

Wounded WarriorsTherapy Through Aquatic Programs

Adding Tile in the Bathroom and Beyond

Japanese Bath or Ofuro?

Views That Are Worth Sitting For

Best Bath Winners Announced at KBIS 2013

Making Your Bathroom A Spa Like Experience

Design Options for a Custom Spa

Help Us Name Our New Puppy

Sun Shelf is Optimal for Luxury Swimming Pools

Water Features, Fire Pits and Custom Spas In Demand for Backyards

Custom Water Features Prove Perfect for Small Areas

Bathroom Remodeling Tips: For Starters, Don't Skimp

Doing Your Part on this Water Day 2013

The Swag Inn Doing it Right

Intelligent Luxury Swimming Pool Controller

Strike a Pose in Your Own Custom Spa

Home Swim Spas Asists in Pain Management

Stainless Steel Tub Is Center Stage

10 Spa-Like Luxuries to Add to your Bathroom

Romodeling Pays Off in the Long Run

Oh Aspen, How We love Thee

Custom Built Spas Featured in Denver Home + Design

Stainless Steel Custom Spa @ NW Flower & Garden Show

Celebrities Take a Dive on Reality TV

Custom Hot Tubs Made Your Way

Custom is King and Shining with Stainless Steel

HOUZZ Awards Diamond Spas BEST OF 2013

The Sweet Smell of Bubbles

The Best Materials for Custom Spas

Unique Tub is One Element in "Dr Suess-Like" Design

Amazing Swimming Pools From Around the World

Shaken Not Stirred

Corner Tubs Are Ideal in Tight Situations

The Bathtub-A Travel Luxury

Recover with the Plunge Pool

Corner Bath Tubs Are Big in Small Spaces

Powder Room Design Ideas

Climbing Up and Into the Tub

Adding Custom Water Features to your Home Spa

Buying an Eco Friendly Spa

Japanese Style Bath Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

Many Things to Be Thankful for

Textures Make You Want to Touch This

Fireplace + Luxury Bath = Total Romance

Bond Swam Here

Remember When We Called Them A JACUZZI?

5 Steps Before Purchasing a Copper Tub or Sink

Diamond Spas Awarded by Trends Magazine

GreenBuild San Fran Nov 14-16 2012

Bathroom Design Ideas: How to Include a Flatscreen TV

International Pool and Spa Expo Goes To New Orleans

Counter Space and Deep Sinks Are High on Chef's Lists

Join Diamonds Spas at the CHILL EVENT

Boutique Design New York Offers Unique Pieces

An Escape Above the City

Ultimate Wish List is Out

Water Noise

Brushed Steel Bathtub Brings on Drama

And The LAMMY Goes to..Diamond Spas

October is National Kitchen and Bath Month

Landscape Architecture Magazine Awards Diamond Spas

Remodeling Show Comes to Baltimore Oct 10-12

Kelly Klein Pens New Book on Iconic Swimming Pools

Diamond Spas Opens at LUXEHOME

Monaco Yacht Show Starts Tomorrow

The Cube-A Yacht James Bond Would be Envious of

Getting Away on Your Own Private Island-Yacht

ASLA Comes to Phoenix

Custom is King in These Unique Baths

DIY Netork Features Stainless Steel Luxury Tub

Paralympics 2012

Custom Swimming Pools Hang In Mid Air

HD Boutique Comes to Miami

Stainless Steel Home Spa Makes Great Addition

Phelps Bares Almost All for Ad in Luxury Tub

Corner Tubs Save On Floor Space

Unique Faucets add Panache to Custom Sinks

Doorless Showers and Artisan Baths for Remodels

What is Hot in Pinning

Making Cents out of Home Remodeling

Don't Skimp on Custom Spa Covers

It's Here-Olympics Opening Ceremony

Artisan Baths Lure in Clients to Hotels

Custom Kitchen Sinks at 2012 Kitchen of the Year

Going with the Grain in Luxury Tubs

It's a Match

Swimming Pool Safety Facts

Like a Fish in a FishBowl

Walking on Water

Remaking Your Bathroom

Diamond Spas Showcases Products at Chicago's LUXE HOME

Countdown to Opening Ceremonies

Finding Design Inspiration Through iPad Apps

PCBC Embarks on San Francisco June 27-28th

An Ode To Summer 2012

Diamond Spas Welcomes our Newest Member

Help us Get to 1000 Followers!

Top Items Every Kitchen Should Have

The Long and Skinny of Home Swim Spas

Maintaining The Glow on your Luxury Hot Tub

Drama Comes to Luxury Bathroom Designs

Training Athletes Recover Nicely In Cold Plunge Pools

Forget the Cookies, How about a Milk Bath?

Luxury Corner Bathtubs Utilize Small Spaces

Memorial Weekend=Pools Open

200 Year old Sunken Ship Protected by Copper

NKBA Kitchen and Bath Trending Designs in 2012

Diamond Spas Unique Tubs Make It to Wall Street

You Name It-Our New Stainless Steel Bathroom Sink

Wood Grain Tile Adds Natual Look Without the Fuss

Eastern Tradition Finds Favor With Bath Designers

Unearthing the Beauty

AIA Convention and Design Expo Goes to the Capitol

Custom Built Hot Tub Featured in Steamboat Home

May is Water Safety Month

San Fran Decorator Showcase Celebrates its 35th Year

Designing with Water Jet Technology

Stainless Steel Tubs Go to the Dogs

How Will You Make a Difference for Earth Day

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Kicks Off

Taking Up the Heat In Your Custom Pool

Getting In on Creative Spaces

Purchase Tickets Now for Olympic Swim Team Trials

Save Money with this Pool Water Saving App

Re-purposed Vanity

Taking In The Point of View

Custom Bathtub Gets Unveiled at AD Show in NYC

Chlorine Could be Linked to Lung Damage

River Rocks In Luxury Bathroom Designs

Book Your Appointments Now for Spa Week

Peyton to Denver - Cold Plunge Maybe?

Kick your Feet Up and Stay Awhile

Piscina Model Added to Diamond Spas Product Line

Pool has Largest Waterslide West of Mississippi

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Makes 48th Debut

Considering your Options with a Stainless Steel Sink

Stainless Steel a Top Bath Trend for 2012

Diamond Spas Unveils Copper Cabinet Line at AD Show

Micro Bubble Technolgy Comes to Diamond Spas

White House Swimming Pool Making Waves in New Book

Have you Caught the Pinterest Bug?

NAHB Showcases the 2012 New American Home

Stanley Saitowitz Stainless Steel Home Up For Sale

What's The Difference Between a Hot Tub and a Spa?

Oval Swimming Pool Remains at Refurbished Bel-Air

Luxury Bathroom Design Incorporates Tub Filler

The Big Unveil

A Toast for a Copper Wine Room

Making Your Bathroom Your Sanctuary

Custom Home Gets Outfitted with Custom Home Spa

Diamond Spas Artisan Bath Tub Most Opulent

Study: Chlorinated Pools May Affect Hormone Levels

Custom Water Features Add a Joyful Noise to the Spa

Soaking Away in Shanghai

Outdoor Kitchens Have Extreme Cool Factor

Custom Swimming Pool w/ Fire, Fountains, and Windows

Don't Let Your High End Bath Go Cold

Copper Spa Makes Beautiful Addition to Vacation Ranch

Seeing Stars in your Luxury Swimming Pool

The Best of Bubbles in your Beautiful Tubs

Luxury Hot Tub Fit for a King

Merry Christmas from Diamond Spas

Customizing Unique Baths For You

Living in the Lap Pool of Luxury

Diamond Spas Expands Product Offerings

Ahh Barcelona!

Taking the Numptia Super Yacht for a Spin

Letting it Rain with H2O

Making the Powder Bathroom a Showcase

Stainless Steel Water Feature Increases Indoor Humidity

Happy Thanksgiving From Diamond Spas

Diamond Spas Welcomes a New Member to the Team

Get the Most Use Out of Your Residential Swimming Pool

Worthy of Neiman Marcus Holiday Catalog

Celebrity Bathrooms: High End Baths & Soaking Tubs

A Royal Bath Remodel

Miniature Luxury Soaking Tub for Beyonce's New Baby

NYC Hotel Unveils Its Hybrid Luxury Swimming Pool

Automatic Hot Tub Cover Won't Leave You in the Cold

Choosing Custom Stainless Steel Kitchen Sinks

Find One Of A Kind Pieces At Boutique Design NEW YORK

Japanese Style Bath on Designers Wish List

Step In Specialty Bath an Alternative to Walk in Tubs

Common Algae Not Found in Copper Swimming Pools

Luxury Hot Tub Revealed in Barcelona Trade Show

Make a Statement with a Bathroom Vessel Sink

Ft Lauderdale International Boat Show Coming October

Landscape Architects Take on San Diego

Diamond Spas Introduces Texture to its Artisan Baths

Fashion Designers Team Up With Luxury Bath Firm

Washing Away Your Day in a Luxury Soaking Tub

Landscape Expo 2011 is Coming!

Custom Water Feature Can Aid in Healing Process

2011 DPHA Annual Conference Comes To San Jose

Japanese Bath Design Lands on Cover

Sustainable Spas Are a Standard

Hospitals Add Swim Spas to Aid in Patients Therapy

Diamond Spas Heads to Barcelona for Piscina Trade Show

Metal Shines In the Shower

Monterey Design Conference Comes to Pacific Grove

Peek Into Our Clear Walled Hot Tubs

Diamond Spas Gets an A+

Show Us How We Look In Your Home

A Slammin' Hot Tub

Stainless Steel is Sleek in the Kitchen

Reflection Pools Honor Those Who Died on 9/11

HD Boutique, A Hospitality Design Event Comes to Miami

Monaco Yacht Show Coming September 21-24th

Dreaming Of Water Exhibition

Ultimate LA Bachelor Pad Up For Sale

Bringing Nature Into Bathroom Design

Custom Designed Pools To Fit Your Personality

Doing Spas Via Rooftop

Shower Systems Get Sophisticated

Utraviolet is On Increase in Swimming Pool Treatment

Old is New Again

Love the Kitchen Tyler, Do You do Dishes Too?

London Olympic Aquatics Centre Completed

Bathroom Sinks Have Come A Long Way In Styles

Boutique Hotels Carrying the Best of What's Around

Mr Terrible Motor Yacht For Sale

Check Out the Houzz!

It's Getting Hot in Here..So Jump into a Hybrid Spa!

Mixing Up The Elements in Bathroom Design

Reflecting Pools Add More Than Just Design

Escape the Day With Nightly Baths

Variable Speed Pump Saves You Money in the Pool

Spas Provide Out of the Ordinary Treatments

Happy July 4th from Diamond Spas

Interior Design Magazine Chooses Diamond Spas Again

Top 10 LEED States

The World's Deepest Pool

Innovative Shower Head Leaves a Crack in the Ceiling

Bath Towels on Display

Conserving Water with the Sozo Bath Tub

Stepping Into Luxury with a Stairway Tub

Proud to Be Made In America

Antimicrobial Copper is Finding its Way into Healthcare

SuperYacht Design Spotlights Diamond Spas

HD Expo Conference is Coming to Las Vegas

Diamond Spas Copper Sink Product of the Week

Pure Luxe

AIA National Convention Comes to New Orleans

Mariah Carey Likes Our Copper Tubs!

Custom Stainless Steel Hot Tub of the Week

The Tranquil Sounds of Water Features

National Green Building Conference in Salt Lake City

Rooftop Spa Rolls Out of Manufacturing

10 Tips You Can Do Now On Earth Day

Sinks Are Hip To Be Square

Diamond Spas "Hot" New product

Kitchen and Bath Industry Show Coming To Vegas

Diamond Spas Unveils Their Slammin' Hot Tub

Japanese Soaking Tub Makes Front Page News

Diamond Spa Presents the New Avalon Vessel Sink

How Do the Neighbors Compete With A Copper Pool?

Farmhouse Sinks Make A Splash In the Kitchen

We Believe Size Matters

History of the Japanese Soaking Tub

Diamond Spa of the Week

Swimming With The Stars

Kitchen and Bath Expo comes to Brazil

Diamond Spa of the Week

The Upside of Indoor Pools

Architectural Home Design Show 2011 Is Coming

Take a Plunge in These Pools

Faucets Getting in on the Act of Design

Get a Celebrity-Style Bathroom

Edelman Plumbing and Supply Has Made Its Mark In Ohio

Vote for Your Favorite Bath Remodel

From Trash to Treasure?

Spa Health Benefits

Take Your Bath Surrounded In Bubbles

Ideas for Designing a Mediterranean-Inspired Pool

A Dream Boat's Interior Masterpiece

Kitchen Award Finalist - Hammered Copper Farm Sink

Large Yards Aren't Needed for Pool Installation

Indoor Lap Pool Completes Central Park Home Gym

Automatic Pool Covers for Safety and Convenience

Baby It's Cold Outside

Using Chromatherapy To Create Atmosphere in Spas

An Outdoor Pool for a Party

Escape To a Neoclassical Indoor Pool

Water Features Have Varied Effects

Bringin' on the Bling

New Features for Outdoor Spas and Hot Tubs

An Affinity for Infinity Pools

Plan Now for Outdoor Pools and Spas

Thinking Out Of the Box When It Comes To Bathing

Chromatherapy Spa Soothes with Color

Upgrade Your Bathroom to Feel Like an Upscale Hotel

Today's Escape: Rainforest Retreat

Outdoor Water Features Brings Up House Values

Diamond Spas' Blog Post Round Up

Design Trends For 2011

Share Diamond Spas With Your Friends

Peace, Joy and Happiness in 2011

Sustainable Kitchen & Bath Design Tips

Cosmopolitan Hotel Opens with Artistic Style

Mirror, Mirror On the Wall

A Custom Swim Spa Takes the Stress Away

Luxurious Rustic Master Baths

Copper Tones in Kitchen and Bath Remain Popular

A Cure For The Common Cold

Save Space With Corner Baths

Bathtubs & Spectacular Soakers sure to Cause a Splash

Could Chlorine in your Pool be Affecting your Skin?

Give The Gift Of A Copper Sink

Why Stainless Steel Swim Spas Are Sleek & Stylish

The Facts on Owning a Spa

Sinks are grabbing for attention these days

Bring The Spa Home With Japanese Style Soaking Tubs

Let Diamond Spas Help You Create An Outdoor Oasis

Diamond Spas Wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Getting In Style with Designer Jacqueline Corea

Diamonds Spas Makes An Appearances In NKBA Best Of 2010 Bathroom

The Hottest Trends in Kitchen and Bath

Designing A Powder Room

Luxury Products to Consider For The Future

Celebrating America Recycles Day

We're Making It Easier To Share Blog Posts

Unforgettable Hotel Baths

Kitchen Trends To Watch in 2011

Free Standing Vessel Sinks are the Trend

HOT Colors in Design for 2011

Diamond Spas' Stainless Steel Baths In K+BB

Comfy and Cozy Stainless Steel Kitchens

Worlds New Highest Hotel In Hong Kong

France Plays Host to the Upcoming Piscine Tradeshow

Go Green At Home

Modenus... A Design Source for All

Remodelers Say Bathrooms Most Popular Projects

Denver Welcomes the Four Seasons Hotel

Stylish & Relaxing Soaking Baths

What To and Not To Do When Remodeling Kitchens & Baths

Save Space And Stay Stylish With A Vessal Sink

Catch Us in Kitchen and Bath Ideas

"Like" Diamond Spas On Facebook

We're off to the DPHA Annual Conference in Florida

Enjoy The Spa Experience At Home

It's Here..Diamond Spas on Yard Crashers Tonight

Diamond Spas' 100th Post!

Diamond Spas unveils in Hong Kong

Old World Kitchen Styles

October Is National Kitchen and Bath Month

Denver Resident launches US Largest Yacht in "Cakewalk"

What's Cookin' in the Kitchen

Drip Detective For Your iPhone/iPad

Diamond Spas' Stainless Steel Shower Pans

Taking Sustainability to the Walls

On High Security with Norwood Hardware's Max Qotb

Walk Under Water In "The Swimming Pool"

Diamond Spas debuts on American Spa

Diamond Spas Introduces New Line Of Sinks

Check Out Diamond Spas On Modenus Design Blog.

Tour The 2010 Kitchen Of The Year

Diamond Spas travels to DC for the ASLA meeting

September Is National Preparedness Month

Spas We Shed Our Clothes For

The Soothing Sound of Water

High-design, high-efficiency Go Hand in Hand

How Did Labor Day Come About?

Sustainability Impacts the Kitchen and Bath Market

What Kitchen Style Do You Prefer?

The Gibson Hotel in Dublin Opens

Discover Your Kitchen Style

Pura Vida Fitness and Spa Wins Best Denver Healthclub

Attention All Interior Designers & Home Builders

High Camp Home Interior Design & Furnishings

Creating A Relaxing and Peaceful Bath

Taking a Bath on Your Pool? Comments Come in Spades

Selecting The Right Sink Design For Your Kitchen

Cool Down In Some Of The Worlds Most Breathtaking Pools

You Spoke, We Listened..It's Here!

Interior Design Blog Features Diamond Spas

It's on the Hot List

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

Athletes turn to the Cold Plunge

NKBA Guidelines For Designing A Functional Bathroom

Diamond Spas teams up with Yard Crashers

Ditching Paper Towels For Greener Alternatives

Corner Kitchen Sink Designs

Custom Fabrication of Your Bath or Spa

Oil Leak In Gulf Creates a Mess For Aquatics Pros

Soak It All in with Bath Salts

Visions Of Turquoise Pool Side

Singapore's Largest Outdoor Pool opens at 55 Stories up

Water and Being Human By Dave Garton EXTRA!

Protecting Infants & Children From The Sun

Cleaning of your Copper and Stainless Steel Products

Creating A Shaded Outdoor Living Space

What Gauge are You Purchasing?

Before and After Backyard Makeover

Follow Us on Twitter

Ping Pong Anyone?

Our Client wins Prestigious "Best of the West" Award

Water Safety for the 4th of July.

Hollywood Pools

Take A Shower Alfresco

The Wholesaler's KBIS Post-Show Report

Look Whose on the Cover of Aqua Magazine!

Diamond Spas in Hong Kong

Swimming:No Pain, But Lots of Gain

Diamond Spas Gets Set for NEWH Tradeshow in NYC

Green Products: The Focus of Festival of the Trades

An Award Winning Design Inspiration

Diamond Spas featured in Better Homes & Gardens

Copper Kitchen Sinks

Editors of Interior Design Magazine choose Diamond Spas

Luxury Spas

The Business Of Going Green

Six Spas Ship off to Germany

National Sun Safety Month

Diamond Spas--Members in Success

Did You Know That A Warm Bath Can Help You Sleep?

Diamond Spas Stainless Steel Japanese Bath in NKBA

The Health Benefits of Swimming After Surgery

Danenberg Design

Eco-Friendly Swimming Water

Critter Skimmer - Help Frogs Rescue Themselves

May 2010, Signature Kitchen and Baths

Landscaping For Your Pools

Chlorine vs. Ultraviolet

Swim Spas

Our Adventure to The KBIS Industry Show


BBB Gold Star Member

Swimming in Style - Indoor Pools

Copper unEARTHed

BBB Annual Recognition Events & Meeting

Getting To Know Diamond Spas

NEWH Casino Night

Arthritis Rehabilitation Management

Garden Designs - The Japanese Soaking Tub

Green Pool Water

The Cold Plunge


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