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Custom Water Features Prove Perfect for Small Areas

Posted by Krista Payne on Mar 28, 2013 4:01:41 AM

When it comes to swimming pools, swim spas are leading the way in the look and design of aquatic recreation. But for some, even the streamlined swim spas are too large for their outdoor spaces. With city living back on the rise, outdoor living spaces are shrinking with rooftop spaces and loft living patios.
Many of these homeowners who are challenged with small outdoor living spaces but still want the tranquility that water brings to a space are turning to custom water features.
Custom Water features can be as simple as a reflection pond with some water grasses or as elaborate as a large scale river bed with waterfall like features. Any feature, whether large or small makes a large impact on the overall look.
Water features are a nice addition to a small yard adding dimension with textures and sounds and movement.
Simple copper water feature with river rock and still waters adds reflective qualities to the landscape.
Even the smallest of water features can have a big impact. From the sounds of falling water to the visual impact.
This stunning stainless steel water feature is a stand alone feature with bubblers that overflow down the edges of the fountain.

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