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Landscaping For Your Pools

Posted by Krista Payne on May 11, 2010 12:00:51 AM

If you are planning to plant in the area surrounding your pool or spa, you’ll need to plan your landscaping before any digging takes place. Pools and spas create a microclimate; the heat from the water can raise the humidity level, sometimes making the environment tropical. Plus intense sun exposure and plants that are splashed by chlorine or other chemicals can dry out. So if you do plan to landscape around your pool or spa, find strong plants that can withstand the pool’s or spa’s microclimate, are easy to maintain and still look beautiful.
Check out these beautiful plants that are prefect for pool or spas side gardens.

Light-pink (almost white) hibiscus are classic poolside shrubs.

Aeoniums create a beautiful poolside display of colorful rosettes, without the thorns and aphids.

Angel's Trumpet tree.

Proteas are bright, beautiful and exotic in the garden.

To view more plants for pool or spas landscaping, click here.

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