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Living in the Lap Pool of Luxury

Posted by Krista Payne on Dec 16, 2011 1:24:01 PM

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With triathlons becoming wildly popular these days, competition for athletes pool time and space is becoming harder to find. With limited pool availability, masters classes, club teams, and swim lessons, trying to find an open lane can get tricky. This may be some of the reason that home swim spas are becoming quite popular among the triathlete and swimming crowd. Many of these talented athletes are training every day: swimming, running and biking and still juggling these activities with their day jobs. Time becomes an issue when trying to get it all in. Having a swim spa at home saves the athlete that extra time on the road to the gym, avoids the overcrowded pool and eliminates the chlorine that is found in majority of pools today.

Sydney Waterfront modern pool

Diamond Spas swim spas are all equipped with a smooth current flow that allows the swimmer to adjust the level of resistance.

custom pool and spa contemporary pool

All of Diamond Spas swim spas are built to order. Interested in running in your pool? Request a deeper well for cardio workouts. The fabulous thing about a swim spa is the space that is needed is minimal. There is no need for large spacious yards when it comes to a swim spa. In ground, or above ground, Diamond Spas cab build a swim spa to meet your needs.

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