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Diamond Spas Celebrates 20 Years in Business

Posted by Krista Payne on Jun 2, 2016 10:59:10 AM


This month we celebrate Diamond Spas 20th year in business. It's hard to believe how far this small family owned company has come since those early lean years. 

We are so greatful for all the hard work our employees put into their craft each and every day and for the clients who put their trust in us to deliver on something that will be in their homes and hotels and spas for others to appreciate and enjoy. This month we will be posting some of our projects that we got to be part of over these past 20 years for the ultimate throwback. 

If you have been one of our clients, we say THANK YOU for your past business and we truly hope you love the product we made for you and hope you continue to do so.

We look forward to the next 20 years and bringing copper and stainless steel into more artisitc water vessels across the world.


Read our history from our CEO, Stephanie and Tom Bennett.

Our History

When talking to many people about Diamond Spas, the question is always asked……………… “How did you get started?”


The idea for Diamond Spas began when I was a child.   My Grandparents were farmers in Colorado. When I would visit, I would help my Grandfather irrigate the crops and check the cattle.  After our daily rounds around the property, a nap was always due.  My Grandfather had a wonderful old green velvet chair.  You could pull the handle on the side of the chair, the back would recline and your feet would elevate.  This old chair put me to sleep instantly.  I would close my eyes and wonder "Why doesn't anyone make a bath tub like this?"



Fast forward 16 years.  I graduated from college with a degree in elementary education.  My parents and I split the bill.  I worked while attending college and met my goal graduating in 4 ½ years without any student loans. After graduation, I had hesitations about immediately committing to a full time teaching position.  I decided to take a year for myself and enjoy the beauty of the Rocky Mountains instead.  I waited tables at night, skied all day in the winter and mountain biked all day in the summer.   This is where I met Tom and the Diamond Spas story begins.


That one year, quickly turned into five years.  I reluctantly came to the conclusion that as much as I had loved my life on the mountain, it was time for me to move on.  But…. not before one last excursion.   I headed north with a girlfriend to explore the vast horizons of Canada and Alaska.  We were gone for a little shy of 3 months.  During this time, I kept up my correspondence with Tom.  He often said, “If you ever decide to come home, we should get together.”  When I did make it home, we did just that.  We talked about my future plans and my personal mission to find a comfortable bathtub.  After further discussion, Tom made the statement, “You design it and I’ll build it.”   I didn’t have to think long about what I thought would be the perfect bath design.


A couple of weeks later, we were in his shop assembling the bath.  We worked together bending and tacking until the perfect form was achieved.  Needless to say, I loved my bath and thought it was only fitting that every seasoned bather should have access to such a design.  With that thought, Tom made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.  The conservation went something like this ….. “How much money do you have?”  “I have $7000.00 in savings, that’s it.”  “I’ll match your $7000.00 and  let’s start a company 50/50 and see if you can do anything with it.”   And there you go, in 1996, the birth of Diamond Spas.


The first two years were tough.  I worked odd jobs putting every extra penny into Diamond Spas.  Tom had an old snowmobile trailer. It was my wheels to my own traveling side show.  We  put down some nice outdoor black carpet, strapped a bath tub to it and drove all over New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado.  We visited countless kitchen and bath showrooms.  I wish I could of taken a quick snap shot of the looks I received from those undoubtedly surprised showroom managers when I told them I had a stainless steel bath tub in their parking lot I thought they should come take a look at.  I sent FED EX envelopes to editors of national publications with images of our designs and a brief summary as to why they should write about Diamond Spas and they should do it for free, luckily they did!


It took about 2 ½ years for the concept of Diamond Spas and the product line to gain attention.  When it did, it took off.  We began fabricating swimming pools, spas and water features in 1999.  We introduced copper into our product line in 2000.  I attribute Diamond Spas success to hard work, the rock solid mentality to never give up,  the incredible people we have working here with us every day and lastly, our clients who see the unlimited possibilities available when working with Diamond Spas. Their imaginative designs and luxurious installations are nothing short of visionary.


A couple years after the start of Diamond Spas, Tom and I got married in that sleepy little mountain town where we first met.  In 1999, we were proud parents of a baby boy and in 2001, another beautiful son graced our lives.  Life has blessed us well beyond our expectations, we are truly grateful.  We wish you all much happiness and success in your own lives.




Stephanie & Tom Bennett


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