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Remodelers Say Bathrooms Most Popular Projects

Posted by Krista Payne on Oct 28, 2010 4:08:14 AM

In today’s remodeling Industry, bathrooms have overtaken kitchens as the most common project.

New research finds that bathrooms have overtaken kitchens as the most common remodeling project for professional remodelers, according to the National Association of Home Builders' (NAHB). Sixty-one percent of today’s homebuilders said bathroom remodeling was one of their most common projects during the first half of 2010.

Kitchen remodeling came next with 52 percent. In previous years, kitchen remodeling was reported as the most common activity by more than 70 percent of remodeler respondents. In general, comparisons to historical data from previous years show that larger remodeling projects (such as room additions, whole house remodeling, bathroom additions, and second-story additions) have been on the decline for several years. Smaller remodeling jobs (such as window and door replacements) have remained relatively steady, or, in the case of handyman services, actually increased. For example, only 29 percent of remodelers reported that room additions were a common activity in 2010, compared to 70 percent in 2004. Conversely, none of the professional remodelers responding to the survey reported that it was common for their companies to perform handyman services in 2004, while 33percent of remodelers were regularly providing handyman work in the first half of 2010.Forty percent of remodelers reported working on window or door replacements thus far in 2010, followed by handyman services (33percent), room additions (29 percent), whole house remodeling (21 percent), decks (19percent), insurance repair (19 percent), roofing(18 percent), finished basement (17 percent),siding (16 percent), enclosed/added porch(16 percent), bathroom additions (13 percent),second story additions (9 percent), enclosed/added garage (8 percent), historic preservation(5 percent), finished attic (4 percent), and other projects (6 percent).

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