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Our Custom Swim Spa in Action

Posted by Krista Payne on Sep 28, 2017 3:42:20 PM

Fall is in the air around the country and soon the snow will be upon us! Cold weather is bringing in those summer swimmers to do their training inside to "share a lane" at the neighborhood swimming pool and that means it is about to get "cozy" with you and the few others you now will be swimming with. Not only will you need to share a lane but you may also need to speed up your pace or slow it waaay down so you're not bumping into each other.

Owning your own custom swim spa might be a good solution for you if you want to swim at your own convienience, at your own ability and in the privacy of your home.

Adjust the swim current for your own personal training regimen. From training sets, sprinting, and long-distance, or aquatic therapy, our swim spas are ideal for any level swimmer. Another benefit of Swim Spas, is that they don't take up as much space as traditional pools but they can still be used for recreational fun. We like to think of them as the workhorse of smaller pools. 

Watch our video how this master swimmer gets a good work out with every stroke!




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