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High Rise Hot Tubs

Posted by Krista Payne on May 20, 2014 8:55:49 AM

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With the popularity of rooftop spas and pools we frequently are asked "How are you going to get my custom spa to the umpteenth floor in New York City?" Our answer is simple. SLOWLY! But in actuality Diamond Spas has been in the business for almost 18 years and over the years we have installed many high end hot tubs to the top of high rises, penthouses and rooftops.

After building a swimming pool or spa to your specifications we can also assist you with the project installation. Sometimes, depending on the location, that requires a crane and sometime a very large crane.

In the video below, our Pool and Spas Manager Charlie Snider talks about how we can strategically place top mount eyelet hooks on the spa for rigging or pick points under the pool or spa using straps or cable systems on the spa to help with craning and/or fork lifting. At approximately 4:47 in the video, Charlie demonstrates how they eyelets and pick points appear on the spa to be craned.



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