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Luxury Hot Tub Fit for a King

Posted by Krista Payne on Dec 27, 2011 6:42:06 PM

If you are living in Boise, no doubt you have read about, and mostly likely taken a drive by the famous Boise Castle. The 6,000 square foot Medieval inspired home was designed by internet entrepreneur, Tim Barber. Known for his start ups ClickBank and Kount, Mr. Barber got his inspiration from castles around the world including France, Germany and Bermuda and movies The Holy Grail.

Boise Castle under Construction

The private residence is located in the historical district of Boise, where neighboring homes are architecturally totally different. While some of the neighbors are not too happy with the "unique" new home, many are intrigued by the pure artmanship that is going into this large scale project.

Boise Castle In Completion

The modern day castle still includes some of the Medieval architecture features such as a round table and secret passage ways, but include some modern day advances such as an elevator, heated rooftop and the best feature of course ...the custom stainless steel hot tub. The construction process took 25 months until it was completed. Eat your heart out Queen Elizabeth!

Diamond Spas Hot Tub overlooking the Boise Hills

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