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Best Accessories to go with your Copper Sink

Posted by Krista Payne on May 9, 2017 3:06:43 PM

Copper is a wise choice when deciding on a sink, and has been used in design since ancient times, as it is a soft, malleable metal with very high thermal and electrical conductivity capabilities, making it a perfect choice for sinks.

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Spa Soup: Why We Dump Spa Water

Posted by Krista Payne on Apr 25, 2017 10:31:46 AM

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Stainless Steel or Copper – Which metal is better for your new bathtub?

Posted by Krista Payne on Apr 11, 2017 10:09:47 AM

Both stainless steel and copper offer a unique and classy beauty that can set off the aesthetic wonder of any bathroom. Ideal materials for custom bathtubs, these high-end metals will hold up well over time and maintain an attractive appearance over its lifetime. Both metals offer many benefits, so choosing one or the other to include in your new or soon to be remodeled bathroom deserves a little insight. Let’s take a look at some of the characteristics of each of these beautiful metals to see how they might work as a tub in your bathroom.

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Custom Stainless Steel and Copper Soaking Tubs

Posted by Krista Payne on Mar 28, 2017 11:25:37 AM

Diamond Spas can fabricate truly one of a kind soaking tubs that illustrates your own unique style. From contemporary flare to timeless designs, Diamond Spas will custom design a specialty tub for your project. Diamond spas utilizes a variety of materials and styles to make each design different from the rest.

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Custom Swimming Pools by Diamond Spas

Posted by Krista Payne on Mar 14, 2017 9:58:58 AM

Have you been dreaming of building a custom pool somewhere on your property? If you can envision it, Diamond Spas can design and build a custom swimming pool or spa to match your vision. Imagine lounging in a gorgeous stainless steel or copper swimming pool, gazing at the skyline of your city, or enjoying the stars on a clear night in the country. Nothing is more therapeutic than relaxing in a pool of water, feeling the stress of the day melt away as you take refuge in your private pool and put your worries behind you.

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The Many Benefits of Swimming

Posted by Krista Payne on Feb 27, 2017 12:56:40 PM

Swimming is one of the best if not THE best sports for all around fitness training. In a world where many of the sports these day are rolling with injuries, swimming is a sport where you can expect less injuries and reap more rewards. Here is just a sampling of the physical, mental and emotional benefits of swimming on a regular basis:

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Benefits of Owning a Pool in the Winter

Posted by Krista Payne on Feb 6, 2017 11:24:53 AM

No matter what part of the county you live in, winter is a great time to take advantage of the many health benefits of owning a pool. If you’re in a colder climate, a heated pool is a fantastic way to get some exercise into your daily routine without the need to brave the cold weather (except for the dash from the warmth of your home to the warmth of the water).

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Roof Top Pools – More Attainable Than You Think

Posted by Krista Payne on Jan 31, 2017 12:52:44 PM

You may think roof top pools are reserved for fancy hotels or Hollywood mansions, and truth be told, there are some stunning roof top pools across America from L.A. to Boston. Nowadays you don’t have to visit a hotel or own a mansion to enjoy the unique features of a roof top pool! Diamond Spas has been designing all types of spas and pools for all types of installations since 1996. When you want a company with the experience, professional expertise and skills to install your roof top pool and do the job right, you want Diamond Spas.


When it comes to choosing the right material, stainless steel or copper are both great choices for a roof top pool or spa installation. Metal weighs considerably less than traditional pool materials such as concrete, which makes it a perfect choice when constructing a roof top pool or spa, as weighing less will reduce structural expenses, risk of leak or damage, and engineering costs. Metal is adaptable to nearly any design configuration and will provide a watertight vessel. Diamond Spas can ship your roof top spa or pool in one piece or, if the installation requires, an onsite welding team can be arranged.


When engineering a roof top pool for you, Diamond Spas will design and construct a single piece assembly to provide hoisting rigidity and easy maneuvering. This custom designed frame will also allow for leveling and fastening to your structure. The durability and beauty of stainless steel or copper is permanent, which makes budgeting for refinishing throughout the long life of your roof top pool much less of a consideration, with proper care and maintenance.


Call us today at (800) 951-7727 and let us show you how Diamond Spas can help you design the custom roof top pool of your dreams.  


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Made In The USA

Posted by Krista Payne on Jan 16, 2017 12:34:10 PM

Since 1996 Diamond Spas has been hand fabricating spas, pools, water features, and luxury custom baths in stainless steel and copper for high end residential and commercial properties in the United States and around the world. Whether you are a professional landscape artist, custom home builder, architect, landscape architect, or astute homeowner, Diamond Spas has the expertise to design and create artistic aquatic vessels for your home or business that can help you achieve the unique custom look and functionality you desire.

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Is 304 and 316 Stainless Steel Created Equal?

Posted by Krista Payne on Jan 11, 2017 12:10:21 PM

Stainless steel is a group of iron-based metal containing at least 10% chromium (alloy metals).
The chromium oxide "CrO" creates an invisible barrier ("passive film") to oxygen and moisture. 
The Chromium protects the iron against most corrosion or red-colored rust; thus the term “stainless” steel.

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