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How to Prepare your Yard for an Outdoor Tub

Posted by Krista Payne on Aug 17, 2018 11:30:53 AM

Getting a home hot tub is exciting! If you’re in the market for an outdoor tub, there are a few things you should know about preparing your yard or outdoor living space before your new personal spa is installed. First, choose your location carefully. Do you have access to your backyard through an outside door off of your master bedroom? If so, you might want to place your hot tub close enough to step from your bedroom to the tub. Is your home hot tub going to be a place where the family gathers? You might want to place it further away from a bedroom in that case, since there may be times when having an outdoor tub full of happy people having a conversation or playing music might disturb someone trying to sleep. Another consideration is privacy; you will undoubtedly want to avoid areas of your backyard that are within clear view of any neighbors or nearby roads.

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